Isn’t it time for a bird’s eye view?

If you’re interested in obtaining high definition photos or video – captured hundreds of feet in the air using a state-of-the-art quadcopter – Indiana Drones is ready for takeoff!

Digital video and photos shot using a high definition camera attached to a navigable drone provide stunning views of the world below, and are powerful visualization tools for commercial applications or personal use. This amazing technology allows for spectacular imagery at a surprisingly affordable price.

Gone are the days of renting fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters to capture aerial photography. Today’s solution is the programmable quadcopter – positioned and stabilized with GPS, and controlled using smartphone and wireless technology. The visual results are simply stunning. Here are just a few of the many ways aerial imagery is being used today:

Real estate home tours

Agricultural crop & field surveys

Commercial development planning

Athletic events


Fundraising walks & runs

Urban & rural land surveys

Contact us today for a free project consultation and estimate. Call 317.609.0101, or connect via email. Tell us what you need and let’s do this!


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